Light Carpentry

Light Carpentry

Light Carpentry

Handyman Services Seattle has experienced carpenters who specialize in replacements and repairs of all types of decking. From adding new decking boards and railings to repairing existing ones, our team is well-equipped to help with any decking solutions or repairs you may need. 

We also provide top-notch baseboard installation and repairs. Our experienced carpenters can install new baseboards for a clean, modern look, or repair existing ones for a more seamless look. 

Most properties need the following types of carpentry repairs:
• Replacing or repairing wood beams in roofs
• Patching and repairing drywall
• Installing new doors and windows
• Replacing or repairing door frames
• Repairing and replacing damaged floorboards
• Replacing or repairing siding
• Installing and repairing window frames
• Repairing and replacing baseboards
• Painting carpentry projects

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